Thank you to all who have donated. Please follow our Facebook page for more information.

Every Dollar Counts. Your donation will be held by the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation, a NJ 501c3 organization that gives back to the community; to help those in need of care, support, assistance and love and those less fortunate. Funds will be held in an account for Restore Our Shore and will be dispersed by the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation to charities chosen by our board with input from the community.

The ROS leadership committee along with the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation will be disseminating funds to qualified 501c3 charities that apply for financial assistance through our website.  Our first focus is to help the immediate needs of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We will be looking to fund programs that feed the hungry and provide shelter for those who have been displaced by the storm.  We are also interested in funding community programs like Public libraries who lost books, youth programs disrupted by the disaster, and programs that increase quality of life for citizens of the towns most deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. Groups will self-identify via our website and request funds for specific use within the scope of their programs and may make a request up to $5000.

Again, the ROS Movement draws no salaries or overhead costs from the donations.  Our goal is to have every dollar go to those in need.

Would your business like to give a percentage of sales to support RestoreOurShore?
Would you like to support round two of our Restore Our Shore Wristbands?
Does your company produce promotional items that you can donate?
Do you have a really cool idea we haven’t thought of that could support the efforts of Restore Our Shore?
Email melissa@restoreourshore.com and lets make something GREAT happen!

If your organization would like to purchase bracelets to sell as a fundraiser for ROS please email leslie@restoreourshore.com.

All SponSHORES will be listed on our website. Sponsors’ list updated weekly.